FAQ’s Part One for Black Lives Matter Movement

There are many questions surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Our team at Afro Chucks put together a list of FAQ questions to help you out. Read, Learn, Share.


Q: What is Black Lives Matter?

A: Black Lives Matter is an activist  movement combating police brutality and racial injustices experienced by Black people. Based in the US, Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013 as an internet hashtag after George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

 Q: What is “Black Lives Matter” trying to do ?

A: To attain equality for black people, end discrimination of black people, and penalize those who put black lives in danger or kill black people.

 Q: Why can’t I say “All Lives Matter”, Don't they?

A: Simple, all lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter too. Of course each and every life put on the earth matters, but  saying “All Lives Matter” in response to Black Lives Matter  is dismissing the fact that black lives are in danger. 

 Q:How Can I Educate Myself on Black History?

A: If you went to public school in America, you were probably taught a very white washed version of American history. Now it’s time to learn the whole truth. Head online to search for some books on black history, find information from reputable sites, news articles, videos, etc.

 Q: How Can I participate in the Black Lives Matter Movement?

A: Head to a protest, and march with those demanding justice. Use your social media platforms to educate others on the movement and report those who are spreading racism and hate. Show up with your dollars and financially support an organization focused on resolving issues related to racial injustice. Support black owned businesses. Vote for policies that are going to benefit black people and penalize those who try and hurt black people.

 Do your homework! Support the movement.